6th Annual Senior Capstone Conference (2016)

Mikayla Eastman (cultural heritage & archaeology)
Advisor: Helaine Silverman
Title:  Critical Analysis of Multiple Stakeholders at Cahokia Mounds World Heritage Site

Alexis March (socio-cultural & linguistic anthropology)
Advisor: Brenda Farnell
Title:  “Not Like Us: A Comparative Analysis of Immigration Discourse in Mainstream French and American Newspapers

David Wood (biological anthropology)
Advisor: Rebecca Stumpf
Title:  Cortisol Developmental Trajectories in Wild Female Chimanzees

Amirah Nasir (sociocultural anthropology)
Advisor:  Mahir Saul
Title:  Nazar in South Asian Muslim Communities 

Tylor Ferree (archaeology)
Advisor: Stanley Ambrose
Title:  The Rise and Fall of Havana and Ohio Hopewell Bladelets

Ciara Reilly (socio-cultural & linguistic anthropology)
Advisor:  Ellen Moody
Title:  Direct (In)Action: Activism as a Process

Abigail Brake (biological anthropology)
Advisor: Cris Hughes
Title:  Assessment of Pathological Conditions in Archaeological and Forensic Analysis of Skeletal Remains 

Travis Shoemaker (socio-cultural)
Advisor: Jane Desmond
Title:  Attitudes of Young Adult Americans toward Fish: Implications for Sustainable Fisheries

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