Careers with Anthropology

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ANTH 199  Exploring Careers with a Bachelor's Degree in Anthropology

This course is intended both for Anthropology majors and non-majors who want to explore a variety of career options with a degree in Anthropology.  We will explore your career interests and skills, read about and discuss career options, and meet with professionals in a variety of disciplines (such as medicine, education, forensics, law, museums, non-profit and social justice organization, media and communication, international diplomacy, government and policy, and more).  We will explore how the anthropological imagination prepares you to work in a variety of careers.

University of Illinois Career Center

I-Link: Students can search for internships, employment opportunities, as well as sign-up for interviews, and view a full calendar of career programs and events.

Jobs Database: This database lists websites that may be useful for students searching for jobs or internships, or researching companies, organizations and industries.

How to Apply for Graduate School

Are you thinking about pursuing a graduate degree in Anthropology? Check out these helpful resources from the American Anthropological Association.