MA in Anthropology

With the exception of the subfield of Archaeology, the Dept. of Anthropology does not generally offer a terminal M.A. degree. A formal master's degree is not required for advancement in the program. Graduate students may request the award of an M.A. in the course of their doctoral program participation.

The Master's program requires 32 hours of graduate course work, at least half of which must be taken at UIUC. Twelve of the 32 hours must be in courses numbered in the 500 series, and at least eight of these twelve hours must be in anthropology.

No more than 4 hours of thesis credit (599) may be included in the 32 hours of M.A. graduate credit. If a thesis is to be submitted, the candidate will include in their program 4 hours of Anthropology 599 (Thesis Research). If a paper in lieu of thesis is to be submitted, then at least 4 hours of Anthropology 590 should be included in the program. When doing a paper in lieu of thesis, Anth 599 cannot be used. The student must be registered to deposit an M.A. thesis.

Graduate Requirements

An M.A. thesis or a paper in lieu of thesis is required for an M.A. degree. An M.A. thesis must conform to Graduate College regulations and guidelines and receive signed approval by the advisor, one other faculty member, and the department head. An M.A. paper in lieu of thesis must receive signed approval by the advisor and one other faculty member. The former is deposited in the library and the student's file. The latter is deposited in the student's file. The two final copies of the M.A. paper together with the signed approval form must be made available to the Head of the Department before they will certify the candidate for the M.A. degree list.