4th Annual Senior Capstone Conference (2014)

Madelaine Walker (Archaeology)
Advisor: Stanley Ambrose
Title: "Seasonal Variation in Tooth Enamel Isotopes of Wild and Domestic Mammals from Chepnyalil Cave, Mt. Elgon, Kenya"

Ashley Loreal Jackson‐Lee (Sociocultural/Linguistic)
Advisor: Brenda Farnell
Title: "Are You What You Eat?: An Examination of Food and Culture in University Dining"

Taylor H. Thornton (Archaeology)
Advisor: Chris Fennel
Title: "More than Mound Building: A Zoo­archaeological Study of the Mound House Site in the Illinois River Floodplain"

Ariella Cohen, Fatima Diabate, Shaunette Smith (Sociocultural/Linguistic)
Advisor: Brenda Farnell
Video Podcast: "Out and About: Social Spaces and the LGBT Community"

Keqi Wei (Sociocultural/Linguistic)
Advisor: Adrienne Lo
Title: "Study Abroad: Now and Future"

Rachel Loth (Biological)
Advisor: Ripan Mahli
Title: "Evidence for the Co‐Evolution of Genes and the Subsistence Patterns of First Nation Communities in British Columbia"

Stephanie Mundis (Biological)
Advisor: Ripan Mahli
Title: "Inferring a Population History of the Seri Indians of Northwest Mexico Using Microsatellite Markers"

Ammie Hopenrath, Isabel Arechiga, Emily Agyeman (Sociocultural)
Advisor: Brenda Farnell
Video Podcast: "LGBT@UIUC"

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