5th Annual Senior Capstone Conference (2015)

Hannah Rickey (socio-cultural & linguistic)
Advisor: Brenda Farnell 
Title: Language and Politics: Discourse in U.S.- Cuba Relations 

Seth Hubbell (socio-cultural & linguistic) 
Advisor: Brenda Farnell 
Title: From Third Places to the Virtual: Twitch.tv as a Potential Third Space

Molly Block (socio-cultural & linguistic) 
Advisors: Alma Gottlieb and Brenda Farnell 
Title: Moving into Community: Yoga as a Transformational Practice in Kenya 

Steve Szynal (sociocultural & visual anthropology) 
Advisor: Brenda Farnell
Title: America’s Pastime: Negro League Baseball and the Civil Rights Movement

Zachary Nissen (archaeology) 
Advisor: Lisa Lucero 
Title: Ancient Maya Cosmovision: Queer Relations to Space at Cara Blanca Pool 20

Scarlett Andes (socio-cultural & linguistic)
Advisor: Virginia Dominguez
Title: Writing Their Names on the Walls: Memory and Forgetting in Jewish Montreal

Grace Hall and Zach Nissen (socio-cultural & linguistic) 
Advisors: Samantha Frost and Brenda Farnell 
Title: A Culture of Appropriation: Navigating Oppression and Authentic Identities at the University of Illinois

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