Student Governance

Anthopology Leaders

There are many ways that students can be involved in the life of the department. There are student-led undergraduate Anthropology organizations, such as Anthro Club and the Lambda Alpha National Anthropology Honors Society.  Anthropology Leaders is an advisory body consisting of selected students who represent the needs and interests of fellow students in discussions with the Director of Undergraduate Studies to help build a stronger and more supportive community within (and beyond) the department.  

Student Governance

Anthro Leaders

  • To ensure student representation in program development and management

  • To foster leadership skills and professional opportunities for Anthropology Majors

Who Are Anthropology Leaders? What Do They Do?

Anthropology Leaders are outstanding Anthropology majors who serve the program in both advisory and ambassadorial capacities. As ambassadors, Anthropology Leaders help host alumni and other guests on campus. They are peer mentors to fellow Anthropology students and help develop department community. As advisors to the Anthropology program faculty and staff, the Leaders provide critical student representation on issues of program development and policy. Moreover, Anthropology Leaders work as a team to develop initiatives based on student priorities.

What Professional Skills Do Anthropology Leaders Learn?

Anthropology Leaders develop their presentation, public speaking and networking skills through their organizational leadership activities. They also strengthen relationships with department faculty and staff by participating in discussions and program initiatives. Being an Anthropology Leader is a valuable experience in professional development that allows students to channel their interests in local, national, international and global issues in support of the discipline of anthropology, as well as the University and its educational mission.


Interested students are invited to submit an Anthropology Leaders Application and supporting materials online Application is open to all majors.