Class 2020

Ryan Bridge 


I really enjoyed Virtual Archeology with Professor Shackelford and North American Archeology with Professor Ritchison.





Austin Sun 


Thanks to all of the incredible staff, faculty, advisors, and peers who made my experience in the Anthropology department and at UIUC one that was enriching to me in so many ways. It was an incredible experience, and one that will help me through for the rest of my life





Anica Bhargava

I loved all my socio-cultural anthropology classes, and Dr. Dominguez made a huge impact on my life. I'm so glad to have learned and opened by mind through all my anthropology classes in college.

Dylan Kleiss

I just want to thank all of the professors I have had. I will be missing them the most. The friends I have made with my class, as well as some of the grad students in the department. I really want to thank my advisor Dr Maritza Quiñones, and Drs Davis, Kramer, Maldonado, Rosas, Silverman, and Dominguez. I just also want to thank the visiting professor from Israel last year, Dr. Motzafi-Haller. Of course as well Drs Farnell and Jelinek for the Capstone! I am a townie, and am glad that we have a really good department. I will miss the open doors of professors, and students sitting in the lounge that are excited/passionate of what they are studying, always ready to talk. As soon as this pandemic ends, I will surely try and pass by a few doors before I move away. Again, thank you all so much, these names will never be forgotten

Amy Li


I would like to say thank you to all my professors. Studying archaeology is my dream. Thank you so much for introducing me to this fascinating world. Also I would like to thank Maritza, my advisor. She helped me a lot when I was lost.






Justin Dirr

It's been an incredible experience to not just learn from and alongside the class of 2020, but also to watch myself and others grow