Congratulations Graduates! 

May '22 Graduates


Lily Velez

After graduation... I will be attending UIC and pursuing a master’s degree in Forensic Science.

I would like to say a special thank you to Dr. Hughes, Dr. Brinkworth, and Dr. Konigsberg. You have made such an amazing impact on my life and I will always remember all that you have done for me.

Do not be afraid to make connections with professors and fellow anthropology students. Everyone is extremely nice and getting to know your professors and their research can also help figure out what you want or don’t want to do.




David Hopping

After graduation... I will pursue a graduate degree in Informatics here at Illinois.

I want to thank Elise Kramer for inspiring me to choose Linguistic Anthropology as my specialization. When I started here at UIUC, I had no idea that I would pick it, but after taking her classes, there’s nowhere else I’d rather be! Also, a big thanks to Laura Shackelford for giving me the opportunity to help with her VRchaeology project. It was one of the best learning experiences and most fun things I did in my undergrad career!

Take a while before you choose your specialization. Well, alongside that advice, I also recommend taking a Linguistic Anthropology class because I think it’s really cool ;-)



Changjin Sun

After graduation... I’m going to study at Oxford and pursue my MSc degree in archaeology

I would like to express my great gratitude to Professor Ambrose. I really appreciate the time and effort he spent in our lectures and labs, and I enjoy his sense of humor. After transferring into the anthropology major at the beginning of my sophomore year, it was his class that inspired me to find what specific aspect of archaeology I want to pursue in the future. I admire his passionate belief in what he is doing, which encourages me to firm my belief in working in archaeology academia in the future. 

I would suggest taking as many introductory courses as you wish! When I was a freshman, at first I was considering focusing on sociocultural anthropology. Later I was more interested in both, but eventually, I chose archaeology and stuck to it! I also suggest actively talking to the professors or TA! Don’t hesitate, especially if you are on the way to choosing one of the anthro-area to focus on. Personally, I found all faculties I met were quite passionate and inspiring.



Emma Fleming

This semester I was definitely at a crossroads regarding my post-grad plans. I was accepted into Vanderbilt’s Direct Entry MSN program; however, I’ve decided to pursue my true academic, professional, and personal passion by beginning a master’s program in the human dimensions of natural resources at Western Illinois University

I want to thank Dr. Dominguez, Dr. Jelinek, Dr. Riggs, and Dr. Ambrose for encouraging students to be curious, thoughtful, and engaged.

Take a while before you choose your specialization. Well, alongside that advice, I also recommend taking a Linguistic Anthropology class because I think it’s really cool ;-) 

Advice to freshmen: Always take the “hard class,” because that’s the class that will help you develop as a student.



Qiuheng Wu

I’ll take a year’s gap and go further for my master’s degree.

Thanks to all the professors and classmates in my college life! I love ANTH 403 so much and it somehow shapes my expectations of future career. Shout out to Dr. Nilay Erten!

Try to see more parts and aspects of the world. The study of anthropology in college would be hard or boring, but it also leaves you more than a bachelor’s degree — ideas and knowledge that last in your entire life. 


December '21 Graduates 


Reilly Durham

I’m starting the Integrative Biology master’s program here at UIUC in the fall!