Congratulations PhD Graduating Students!

Alyssa Bader (August 2019)

An integrative, community-collaborative approach to investigating health, diet, and the oral microbiome in ancestral and descendant coast Tsimshian communities

Ofira Fuchs (August 2019)

Scaling down Judaism: The politics of tradition and change among liberal observant Jews in Israel

Agnes Gertrud Sohn (Jordan) (August 2019)

Making An exit: Millennials, place-making, and exodus at South Korea's edge

Abby Asangba (December 2019) 

Insights into the primate microbiome


Jean Larmon (December 2019)

The past as a constituent of the present: Social waters and posthumanism at Cara Blanca, Belize

Amanda Lee (December 2019) 

Multivariate asymmetry and allometry in human limb bones as a basis for osteometric sorting

Alexandra Zachwieja (December 2019)

Climate, environment, and competition influenced human land preference in late pleistocene Australasia

Matthew Go (May 2020) 

Sex and ancestry estimation methods in Mmodern Filipino crania 

Julie Torres (May 2020) 

In times of "crisis": Puerto Rican activism, gender, and belonging in Orlando 

Maria Fox (May 2020) 

The biomechanical consequences of body size differences in humans


Erin Benson (August 2020)

Community as assemblage in the Late Cahokian Hinterlands

Katharine Marie Lee (August 2020)

Estrogen, energy, and bone: a life history approach to understanding skeletal phenotypes 

Ezgi Guner (December 2020)

The soul of the White Muslim: Race, empire and Africa in Turkey