Clark E Cunningham

Professor Emeritus

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Clark Cunningham's (D. Phil., Oxford University, 1963) scholarly interests have concerned social structure and culture change, medical anthropology, symbolism, traditional architecture, religion, ethnicity and minority problems, migration, impact of development projects, and social problems, health care, and the growth of social sciences in developing nations. His ethnographic work has been in Indonesia, Thailand, and the U.S. He has taught courses such as Medical Anthropology, Social Structure, Peoples and Cultures of Insular Southeast Asia, Southeast Asain Civilizations (with F. K. Lehman), War and Peace in Cross-Cultural Perspective, Religion in Asian Societies, and the Introductory courses to Cultural Anthropology and Social Anthropology and Ethnology. He also introduced the first course on campus to deal with Asian American Experiences and taught Indonesian language on various occasions.

Selected Publications

Encyclopedia Entries

Cunningham, Clark Indonesian Americans Encyclopedia of Race, Ethnicity, and Society Los Angeles Sage Publications 2008.
Cunningham, Clark Indonesian American Experience: History and Culture Asian American History and Culture: An Encyclopedia New York M.E. Sharpe 2009.

Book Contributions

Cunningham, Clark Unity and Diversity among Indonesian Migrants to the United States Emerging Voices: the Experiences of Underrepresented Asian Americans edited by Huping Ling. Unity and Diversity among Indonesian Migrants to the United States Edited by Huping Ling, New Brunswick Rutgers University Press 2008.