Fall 2021 Anthropology Courses

Check out Fall 2021 Anthropology Courses! For questions or concerns, contact the Anthropology Undergraduate Advisor, Dr Maritza Quiñones

ANTH 101 Introduction to Anthropology
ANTH 102 Human Origins and Culture
ANTH 103 Anthro in a Changing World
ANTH 104 Talking Culture
ANTH 105 World Archaeology
ANTH 106 Hist Arch Americas
ANTH 108 Religion & Society in West I
ANTH 126 Humans and Animals - Food or Friend?
ANTH 130 History of South Asia
ANTH 143 Biology of Human Behavior
ANTH 160 Race and Contemporary Social Issues
ANTH 180 The Archaeology of Death
ANTH 199 Undergraduate Open Seminar
ANTH 210 Families in Global Perspective
ANTH 220 Introduction to Archaeology
ANTH 230 Sociocultural Anthropology
ANTH 241 Human Biological Variation
ANTH 246 Forensic Science
ANTH 248 Introduction to Engaged and Public Anthropology
ANTH 272 Language and Culture in Turkey
ANTH 278 Climate Change & Civilization
ANTH 279 Economy, Business & Society
ANTH 347 Human Osteology
ANTH 350 Cultures of Law
ANTH 360 Evolution and Human Health
ANTH 370 Latina/o Ethnography
ANTH 372 Topics in Lang & Culture
ANTH 390 Individual Study
ANTH 399 Special Topics
ANTH 407 Evolutionary Immunology
ANTH 408 Human Evolutionary Anatomy
ANTH 414 Writing Ethnography
ANTH 423 Economic Anthropology
ANTH 444 Methods in Bioanthropology
ANTH 445 Research in Bioanthropology
ANTH 454 Archaeological Field School
ANTH 455 Lab Analysis in Archaeology
ANTH 460 Heritage Management
ANTH 461 Hist of Archaeological Theory
ANTH 479 Race, Medicine, and Society
ANTH 485 Anthropology of Policing
ANTH 494 Honors Senior Thesis I
ANTH 495 Honors Senior Thesis II
ANTH 496 Individual Field Research
ANTH 497 Individual Field Data Analysis
ANTH 498 Senior Capstone Seminar
ANTH 499 Topics in Anthropology