Career Paths in Anthropology

Careers in Anthropology of the Americas

Map of AmericasSelect from this wide range of courses that cover contemporary and historical issues and communities in North, Central and South Americas.

Careers in Criminality, Law & Social Justice

prison cellCourses in this area examine the roles played by law and legal institutions in the pursuit of contemporary political values such as peace, justice and prosperity and will prepare students for careers in law, forensics, social work, government, policing and related fields.

Careers in Engaged Globalization

earth viewCourses in this area give students the necessary resources to engage with local and global issues and perspectives in an increasingly connected world.

Careers in Health, Medicine & Wellness

riding a bikeBuild your interdisciplinary expertise in bio-cultural anthropology in preparation for a practicing career in the health and medical professions, or advanced bio-medical and genetics research.

Careers in Identity & Politics: Race, Class, Gender & Sexuality

Henna tattoos on handsCourses in this area critically examine social and personal identities and how these are mobilized within a range of political issues and power.

Careers in Immigration, Transnationalism & Diaspora

airport terminalPeople all over the globe are on the move, both by choice and by necessity. Courses in this theme explore the complex reasons for such mobility.

Careers in Language, Culture & Communication

The ability to think and communicate with language is a fundamental part of the human experience. Courses in this area examine both spoken and other semiotic practices that make our lives meaningful and shared.