Diversity in the Classroom DVD

About the DVD

DVD ImageIn the absence of adequate resources on campus for assisting instructors in developing best teaching practices for diverse classrooms, the Department of Anthropology carried out background ethnographic research among its students and faculty to provide materials for workshops on teaching in diverse classrooms. With the collaboration of Inner Voices Social Theater group, real events and incidents were converted into performable scripts and re-enacted, recorded and compiled into a DVD suitable for such workshops. DVD imageThe DVD contains 8 vignettes, each one illustrative of problems that can arise in teaching environments enrolling students of diverse backgrounds and identities.  The DVD is accompanied by a facilitator manual and bibliography of supporting articles and websites.   These materials are being tested prior to the release of a final version. The final product is a DVD and facilitation manual will be available for circulation throughout campus as a resource for teaching in diverse classrooms. For more photos of the DVD production, click here. Find the teaching handbook that accompanies the DVD here.