Diversity Committee

Committee Goals

While the campus wide and intradepartmental roots of racism and discrimination are intertwined, the particulars of the history of the department of anthropology and our present situation call us to continue to reflect on these criticisms and strive to address them to produce a just and inclusive community and scholarly environment.

To this end, the diversity committee meets monthly to discuss issues of diversity and confrontation of problems of racism and other forms of discrimination in the department and campus. The committee also serves to establish mechanisms for graduate students and faculty to communicate concerns and problems, especially around issues of race, to the department at large.  Each semester, we implement specific goals to enhance community and foster diversity in our department.  In past years, these goals have included: bringing in external speakers to educate our community about issues pertaining to diversity, developing a DVD to address best practices for teaching in a diverse classroom, holding a departmental workshop to address issues of race and community, holding a departmental workshop for educators to discuss best practices for teaching in a diverse classroom, developing a departmental diversity webpresence, participating in the Center for Democracy in a Multiracial Society conference, and participating in recruitment events and devising strategies to attract and retain underrepresented students and faculty.