Research Opportunities



The Brinkworth Lab in Evolutionary Immunology and Genomics is offering a training opportunity in evolutionary immunology focusing on evolution of population differences in plague infection biology (Project: impact of plague of human evolution). Hours - 10-20 a week. Student will be trained on cornerstone techniques of human evolutionary immunology and infection biology including - rearing and counting of bacteria, absolute and differential cell counting, colony counting post-infection, and support for cell isolation and infection experiments. Students are expected to report to lab for experiments and lab meetings. Opportunities to learn flow cytometry, fluorescent microscopy analysis and evolutionary genetic techniques also, as internship progresses. Students with an interest in applying anthropology and evolutionary biology to understanding population and inter-species health disparities are encouraged to apply. Prior experience in molecular research lab or course work is nice, but not necessary. For inquiries, please contact Dr Brinkworth at 

The Virtual Archaeology Group is recruiting undergraduates with a passion for virtual reality for several research assistant positions. Responsibilities for the position include implementing game features and virtual reality functionality in Unreal Engine 4 and assisting in running a virtual reality-based course. Preferred candidates would have a background in game engine development and/or C++, but this is not required. No prior Unreal Engine 4 experience is required, training will be provided for all new hires. These positions can be paid or taken for independent study credit. For inquiries please contact Dr. Laura Shackelford at

Mayan Languages on the Move: Building Indigenous Language Activism and cross-community support

This project seeks to train community-based language activists that can provide infrastructure to develop and strengthen Maya intellectuals, interpreters, and artists key in the promotion of Indigenous languages. We understand that Indigenous languages constitute critical vehicles of knowledge, cultures, and values that hold communities together. Their promotion, preservation, and revitalization is a crucial right that should be protected. This project is looking for students interested in language activism. It will require the student or students to travel to Montana in June for a week for the Collaborative Language Research gathering to receive training. Expectations beyond training are to work gathering information on language access programs and to help design a language survey for the Champaign area. Some level of Spanish speaking is preferred but not required. The students must be able to work independently. If interested, please contact Dr. Maldonado at


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