• ANTH 408
    Comprehensive, comparative study of musculoskeletal anatomy in primates, focusing on functional and adaptive changes that have occurred in the masticatory apparatus, facial skeleton, and locomotor systems of New World monkeys, Old World monkeys, apes, and humans. Relationships between morphology,...
  • ANTH 420
    Cultural heritage encompasses major domains of social, economic, political, religious and environmental practice and policy-making under today's conditions of globalization. Students will critically examine cultural heritage case studies from around the world.  
  • ANTH 471
    Overview of theoretical perspectives and methodologies in linguistic anthropology, including sociolinguistics, ethnography of communication, performance and poetics, discursive practices, and structural analyses.  
  • ANTH 499
    This course will address microbial diversity and microbe-host interactions in comparative context. We will discuss microbial diversity and their relevance for host health, evolution, and emerging disease. Students will gain knowledge of comparative methods and experience working on and developing...