Biological Anthropology


The program in biological anthropology at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign offers graduate training that integrates diverse research areas toward the common goal of improving male howlerour understanding of human and nonhuman primate anatomy, adaptation, and evolution. The biological anthropology program includes ongoing research on immune function and response; reproductive ecology and physiology; primate social behavior; primate behavioral ecology, reproductive biology and human health; primate and human evolution; forensic anthropology; demography; quantitative genetics; ancient DNA; locomotor biomechanics in humans and nonhuman primates; functional anatomy; and paleoanthropology.

The biologicalForensics researcher at the Malhi Molecular Anthropology Laboratory anthropologists in the Department of Anthropology are actively involved in field research in Poland, the Philippines, Taiwan, Southeast Asia, and Uganda, and Primate Research Centers in San Antonio, Texas, and Atlanta, Georgia. Additional research is conducted on campus at our labs in Davenport Hall and the Medical Sciences Building, including the Malhi Molecular Anthropology Lab, the Laboratory for Evolutionary Endocrinology, the Evolutionary Immunology and Genomics Laboratory, the Evolutionary Biomechanics Laboratory, and the Environmental Isotope Paleobiogeochemistry lab

The biological anthropologists are involved in many cross-disciplinary research collaborations across the UIUC campus. Several of our faculty are affiliated with other units, including the Conducting physiological tests on a runnerProgram in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology (PEEB), the Host-Microbe Systems Group in the Institute for Genomic Biology, the Beckman Institute for Advanced Science and Technology, the Center for African Studies, the Department of East Asian Languages and Cultures, the College of Medicine, and the Carle-Illinois College of Medicine. Most have research collaborations with other campus departments including Mechanical Engineering, Kinesiology, Geology, Computer Science, and the College of Education. We offer a wide range of graduate courses in our areas of specialty and also teach human gross anatomy in the College of Medicine. Our goal is to create an exciting and demanding academic environment that challenges doctoral students and prepares them to conduct outstanding research.

Graduate Alumni/ae

Name Year Position(s)
Elizabeth Mallot 2016 Postdoctoral Fellow, Northwestern University
John Lindo 2015 Provost's Postdoctoral Scholar, University of Chicago
Rodolfo Martinez Mota 2015 Postdoctoral Researcher, University of Utah
Nicoletta Righini 2014 Researcher, Institute of Ecology, Veracruz
Natalie Uhl 2014 Graduate Employees' Organization at UIUC
Mark Grabowski 2012 Lecturer, Dartmouth
Petra Jelinek 2012 Lecturer, University of Illinois
Krista Milich 2012 Assistant Professor, Washington University, St. Louis, MO
Caie Yan 2012 Visiting Lecturer, San Jose Sate University and San Francisco State University
Milena Shattuck 2011 Visiting Scholar, New York University
Scott Williams 2011 Assistant Professor, New York University
Melissa Raguet-Schofield 2010 Tutor, Department of Anthropology, Washington University, St. Louis
Bernardo Urbani 2009 Researcher at the Centro de Antropologia, Instituto Venezolano de Investigaciones Cientificas, in Venezuela
Greg Blomquist 2007 Assistant Professor, University of Missouri, Columbia, MO
Kristin Hedman 2007 University of Illinois, Illinois Transportation Archaeology Research Program
Martin Kowalewski 2006 Estacion Biologica de Corrientes (EBCo) - MACN, (Biological Field Station of Corrientes, Argentina), Scientific Coordinator
Barth Wright 2004 Post-Doctoral Researcher, George Washington University, Washington DC
Robin Bernstein 2004 Assistant Professor, George Washington University, Washington DC
Jennifer Rehg 2003 Assistant Professor, Southern Illinois University at Edwardsville
James Ostlund 2002  
Jill Pruetz 1999 Associate Professor, Iowa State University, Ames
Julio Bicca-Marques 1999 President of the Brazilian Primatological Society and Associate Professor Faculdade de Biociencias/PUCRS, Porto Alegre, Brazil
Joanna Lambert 1997 Associate Professor, University of Wisconsin at Madison
Jolee West 1995 Director of Academic Computing and Digital Library Projects
Information Technology Services, Wesleyan University
Deborah Bakken 1994 Field Museum of Natural History, Chicago
Dale Hutchinson 1991 Professor, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
Kevin Kelly 1988 Adjunct Associate Professor, Dept of Anthropology, University of Iowa
Karen O'Neil 1986 Science Department Chair, Maryvale Preparatory School, Brooklandville, Maryland
Diane Mann 1981 U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Research Laboratory, Champaign (Deceased 2007)
Mark Teaford 1981 Professor, The Johns Hopkins University
Robert Rondinelli 1977 Medical Director, Younker Rehabilitation Services, Iowa Methodist Medical Center, Des Moines
John McCullough 1972 Professor of Anthropology, University of Utah
Russell Reid 1971 Emeritus Professor of Anthropology, University of Louisville
Milford Wolpoff 1969 Professor, University of Michigan