Students work and discuss design projects.
Students work and discuss in-class projects.
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AY 2023 - 2024 Ongoing Call: Mayan Languages on the Move: Building Indigenous Language Activism and Cross-Community Support

This project seeks student volunteers to train as community-based language activists that can provide infrastructure to develop and strengthen Maya intellectuals, interpreters, and artists key in the promotion of Indigenous languages. This semester we will work on supporting Pixan Konob's Mayan Languages Interpreters Collective work translating and producing materials on COVID19 for the Champaign area and beyond. We will also work with the Maya Heritage Community Project at Kennesaw State University. 

We understand that Indigenous languages constitute critical vehicles of knowledge, cultures, and values that hold communities together. Their promotion, preservation, and revitalization is a crucial right that should be protected. This project is looking for students interested in language activism. Expectations are for students to work gathering information on language access programs and to help design a language survey for the Champaign area. Some level of Spanish speaking is preferred but not required. Interested students must be able to work independently. If interested, please contact Dr. Maldonado at

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