Adam Blake Coker

 Adam Coker

Contact Information

309Q Davenport Hall


My research is focused on the renegotiation of social identities involved with the transition from Late Woodland to Early Mississippian community in the Southeastern United States. Additionally, I am interested in culture contact scenarios brought about by the spread of Mississippian cultural practices and the establishment of cultural colonies to facilitate this spread. The focus of my analysis is on the household as a locus of day-to-day practice. These practices constitute the building blocks of social identity and serve as an arena in which an individual learns to be a social agent. Using this data, I move between the household and community scale in order to explore the process of constructing localized Mississippian experiences.

Research Interests

  • Mississippian Archaeology
  • Archaeology of Social Identity
  • Archaeology of Culture Contact
  • Household Archaeology


  • B.A., University of Georgia