Jessica F Brinkworth

 Jessica Brinkworth

Contact Information

109 Davenport Hall
607 S. Matthews Ave.
M/C 148
Urbana, IL 61801

Office Hours

  • W 10:50-11:50 am
Assistant Professor
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Research Interests

  • Evolution of primate immunity, innate immunity, innate immunity, severe bacterial infections, host-pathogen interactions, immunogenomics, evolutionary medicine

Research Description

My research addresses the physiological consequences of the human experience and evolutionary past, particularly those that affect innate immune system function.  Current projects focus on the functional divergence and diversification of primate immune systems, how past epidemics affect present day immune function diversity and how life experienceaffects the innate immune response.


  • 2012, PhD, City University of New York Graduate Center, Anthropology


  • ANTH 241 - Human Variation and Race, Fall 2015
  • ANTH 499 - Topics in Anthropology (Evolution and Ecology of Immune Systems), Spring 2016
  • ANTH 249 - Evolution and Human Disease, Spring 2016