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Korinta Maldonado

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Contact Information

109 Davenport Hall
M/C 148
Urbana, IL 61801
Assistant Clinical Professor

Research Interests

Indigenous Studies, Legal and Political Anthropology, Race and racisms in the Americas

Research Description

My research centers on indigenous movements, human rights and racial formations in Latin America. I specifically examine the Mexican state and the way the state multicultural languages inform indigenous subjectivities in the context of a global shift to rights regimes. My research in Puebla and Chiapas is result of years of engagement and collaborative work with indigenous organizations and state sponsored indigenous institutions from which I co-published a monograph in Spanish “The Indigenous Courts of Cuetzalan and Huehuetla: The Force and Reproduction of Normative Systems of the Peoples of the Highlands of Puebla”. Other publications include “El Juzgado Indígena de Huehuetla, Sierra Norte de Puebla. Construyendo la totonaqueidad en el contexto del multiculturalismo mexicano,” in Justicia y diversidad en América Latina: Pueblos indígenas ante la globalización. Chenaut V., Teresa Sierra, Magdalena Hernández, Héctor Ortiz, eds. CIESAS and FLACSO, Mexico


B.A. Ethnology from the National School of Anthropology and History, Mexico City.
M.A. Rural Development from the Metropolitan Autonomous University, Mexico City.
Phd Anthropology from the University of Texas, Austin

Courses Taught

Anthropology 182: Introduction to Latin American Cultures
AIS 285: Indigenous Thinkers of the Americas

Anthropology 300: Collaborative Methodologies

Anthropology 499: Mexican Anthropology

Anthropology 103: Anthropology in a Changing World