Laura Shackelford Ph.D.

 Laura Shackelford

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Department of Anthropology
607 S Mathews Ave.
M/C 148
Urbana, IL 61801

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  • By appointment
Director of Graduate Studies, Associate Professor
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Research Interests

  • Paleoanthropology, Southeast Asia, Late Pleistocene human evolution, postcranial biomechanics, functional anatomy; virtual reality and technology in education


  • Ph.D., Anthropology, Washington University, St. Louis, 2005
  • M.A., Anthropology, Washington University, St. Louis, 2001
  • B.S., Biological Anthropology & Anatomy, Duke University, 1998


Selected Publications

Journal Articles

Shackelford, L L, W D Huang, A Craig, C Merrill, D Chen, and J Arjona A formative evaluation on a virtual relaity game-based learning system for teaching introductory archaeology Proceedings of E-Learn: World conference on E-learning in corporate, government, healthcare, and higher education 2018, p. 605-611.
Bacon, Anne-Marie, Nicolas Bourgon, Elise Dufour, Clement Zanolli, Philippe Duringer, Jean-Luc Ponche, Pierre-Olivier Antoine, Laura Shackelford, Nguyen Thi Mai Huong, Thongsa Sayavonkhamdy, Elise Patole-Edoumba, and Fabrice Demeter Nam Lot (MIS 5) and Duoi U'Oi (MIS 4) Southeast Asia sites revisited: Zooarchaeological and isotopic evidences Palaeogeography, Palaeoclimatology, Palaeoecology 512 2018, p. 132-144. full text.
Shackelford, Laura L, Fabrice Demeter, Kira Westaway, Philippe Duringer, Jean-Luc Ponche, Thongsa Sayavongkhamdy, Jian-Xin Zhao, Lani Barnes, Marc Boyon, Phonephanh Sichanthongtip, Frank Senegas, Elise Patole-Edoumba, Yves Coppens, Jean Dumoncel, and Anne-Marie Bacon Additional evidence for early modern human morphological diversity in Southeast Asia at Tam Pa Ling, Laos Quaternary International 2017.
Corny, Julien, Manon Galland, Marta Arzarello, Anne-Marie Bacon, Fabrice Demeter, Dominique Grimaud-Herve, Charles Higham, Hirofumi Matsumura, Lan Cuong Nguyen, Thi Kim Thuy Nguyen, Viet Nguyen, Marc Oxenham, Thongsa Sayavongkhamdy, Francois Semah, Laura Shackelford, and Florent Detroit Dental phenotypic shape variation supports a multiple dispersal model for anatomically modern humans in Southeast Asia Journal of Human Evolution 112 2017, p. 41-56. full text.
Demeter, Fabrice, Laura Shackelford, Kira Westaway, Lani Barnes, Philippe Duringer, Jean-Luc Ponche, Jean Dumoncel, Frank Senegas, Thongsa Sayavongkhamdy, Jian-Xin Zhao, Phonephanh Sichanthongtip, Elise Patole-Edoumba, Tyler Dunn, Alexandra Zachwieja, Yves Coppens, Eske Willerslev, and Anne-Marie Bacon Early modern humans from Tam Pa Ling, Laos: fossil review and perspectives Current Anthropology 58 S17 2017, p. S527-S538. Full text.
Willman, J, L Shackelford, and F Demeter Incisor avulsion among the Late Upper Paleolithic people of Tam Hang (Northern Laos): Social identity, mortuary practice, and oral health American Journal of Physical Anthropology 160 3 2016, p. 519-528.
Sparacello, V, S Villotte, L Shackelford, and E Trinkaus Patterns of humeral asymmetry among Late Pleistocene humans Comptes Rendus Palevol 2016.
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Patole-Edoumba, E, P Duringer, P Richardin, L Shackelford, A-M Bacon, T Sayavongkhamdy, J-L Ponche, and F Demeter Evolution of the Hoabinhian techno-complex of Tam Hang rock shelter in Northeastern Laos Archaeological Discovery 3 2015, p. 140-157.
Bacon, A-M, K Westaway, P-O Antoine, P Duringer, B Amandine, F Demeter, J-L Ponche, J-X Zhao, L Barnes, T Sayavonkhamdy, T K Nguyen, V T Long, E Patole-Edoumba, and L L Shackelford Late Pleistocene mammalian assemblages of Southeast Asia: new dating, mortality profiles and evolution of the predator-prey relationships in an environmental context Palaeogeography, Palaeoclimatology, Palaeocology 422 2015, p. 101-127.
Shackelford, Laura, Fiona Marshall, and Joris Peters Identifying donkey domestication through changes in cross-sectional geometry of long bones Journal of Archaeological Science 40 12 2013, p. 4170-4179.
Photo of publication
Demeter, Fabrice, Laura Shackelford, Anne-Marie Bacon, Philippe Duringer, Kira Westaway, Thongsa Sayavongkhamdy, Jose Braga, Phonephanh Sichanthongtip, Phimmasaeng Khamdalavong, Jean-Luc Ponche, Hong Wang, Craig Lundstrom, Elise Patole-Edoumba, and Anne-Marie Karpoff Anatomically modern humans in Southeast Asia (Laos) by 46 ka Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, USA 2012.
Shackelford, Laura L, Ashley Stinespring Harris, and Lyle Konigsberg Estimating the distribution of probable age-at-death from dental remains of immature human fossils American Journal of Physical Anthropology 2012.
Demeter, F, L Shackelford, K Westaway, P Duringer, T Sayavongkhamdy, and A-M Bacon Reply to Pierret et al.: Stratigraphic and dating consistency reinforces the status of Tam Pa Ling fossil Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences USA 109 51 2012, p. E3524-E3525.
Shackelford, Laura, and Fabrice Demeter The place of Tam Hang in Southeast Asian human evolution Comptes rendus Palevol de l'Academie des sciences, Paris 2011, p. doi:10.1016/j.crpv.2011.07.002.
Bacon, A-M, P Duringer, P-O Antoine, F Demeter, L Shackelford, T Sayavongkhamdy, P Sichanthongtip, P Khamdalayong, S Nokhamaomphu, V Sysuphanh, E Patole-Edoumba, F Chabaux, and E Pelt The Middle Pleistocene mammalian fauna from Tam Hang karstic deposit, northern Laos: new data and evolutionary hypothesis Quaternary International 2010, p. doi:10.1016/j.quaint.2010.11.024.
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Shackelford, Laura Lynn, and Erik Trinkaus Late Pleistocene human femoral diaphyseal curvature American Journal of Physical Anthropology 118 4 2002, p. 359-370.

Book Contributions

Shackelford, Laura L Variation in mobility and anatomical strategies in the Late Pleistocene Mobility: Towards a definition for application in human evolution Variation in mobility and anatomical strategies in the Late Pleistocene Springer 2014.
Shackelford, Laura L Bone strength and subsistence activities at Point Hope The Foragers of Point Hope: the biology and archaeology of humans on the edge of the Alaskan arctic Bone strength and subsistence activities at Point Hope Cambridge University Press 2014.
Stock, J T, M C O'Neill, C B Ruff, M Zabecki, L L Shackelford, and J Rose Body size, skeletal biomechanics, mobility and habitual activity from the Late Palaeolithic to the Mid-Dynastic Nile Valley Human Bioarchaeology of the Transition to Agriculture edited by R Pinhasi, edited by J Stock. Body size, skeletal biomechanics, mobility and habitual activity from the Late Palaeolithic to the Mid-Dynastic Nile Valley Edited by R Pinhasi, Edited by J Stock, West Sussex Wiley-Blackwell 2011, p. 347-370.
Shackelford, Laura Descriptive and comparative study of the lower limb Spy Cave: State of 125 years of pluridisciplinary research on the Betche-aux-Rotches from Spy edited by H Rougier, edited by P Semal. Descriptive and comparative study of the lower limb Edited by H Rougier, Edited by P Semal, Brussels Royal Belgian Institute of Natural Sciences and NESPOS 2011.
Trinkaus, Erik, Fred Smith, Trent C Stockton, and Laura L Shackelford The human postcranial remains from Mladec The Human Remains from Mladec edited by M Teschler-Nicola. The human postcranial remains from Mladec Edited by M Teschler-Nicola, Vienna Springer Verlag 2005.


Bacon, A-M, F Demeter, T Sayavongkhamdy, P Duringer, E Patole-Edoumba, A-S Coupey, L Shackelford, K Westaway, J-L Ponche, P-O Antoine, and P Sichanthongtip Les sites de Tam Hang, Nam Lot et Tam Pa Ling au nord du Laos. Des gisements a vertebres du Pleistocene aux origins des Hommes modernes Paris CNRS Editions 2012.
Shackelford, Laura L Regional Variation in the Postcranial Robusticity of Late Upper Paleolithic Humans St. Louis Washington University 2005.