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Sheela Senguttuvan

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Contact Information

1408 W Gregory Dr
M/C 522
Urbana, IL 61801
Accounting Associate

As an Accounting Associate, I am the department's primary point of contact for financial operations. I support faculty with management of both internal and external grants. I also assist with account management and purchasing.

In my position, I have the following responsibilities in the department:

  • Process Ibuy order request/Contract renewals for the department
  • Process Travel reimbursement for faculty, Teaching Assistant, and students in Chrome River
  • Provide assistance to faculty who are managing external grants and internal awards
  • Managing departmental bills and vendor invoices. Assists in identifying problems or discrepancies in vendor accounts
  • Approves P-card and T-card transactions as a Department Card Manager(DCM) and I am responsible for assisting with Chrome River transactions/ reconciliation and honorariums
  • Prepare and assist monthly financial reports and year end closing reports such as fact sheets
  • Serve as a liaison between faculty and SPA
  • Process Journal Voucher to transfer the funds in the proper year.