The Archaeology of Craft and Industry

Professor Chris Fennell's new book

Chris Fennell published a new book, "The Archaeology of Craft and Industry," in the “American Experience in Archaeological Perspective” book series by University Press of Florida, this summer.

Archaeologists investigating sites of craft and industrial enterprise often puzzle over a domain of bewildering ruins. Locations of remarkable energy, tumult, and creativity stand silent. This book provides an overview of the archaeology of American craft and industrial enterprises, outlines developments in theories, research questions, and interpretative frameworks, and presents case studies from a wide range of subjects.

“Fennell offers us a fresh and exciting expansion of industrial archaeology through the lens of craft production. This book, with its impressive array of case studies, unequivocally demonstrates the relevance of historical and industrial archaeology to the broader anthropological project.” — Charles E. Orser Jr., author of "The Archaeology of Race and Racialization in Historic America."

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