Single-Use Plastics Elimination and Reuse Protocols for Labs (SUPERLabs), a project by Anthropology Assistant Professor Jessica Brinkworth was recently awarded an $81,865 grant to reduce dependency on single-use plastics by developing protocols for plastics reuse. SUPERLabs is funded by the Student Sustainability Committee, which has funded 316 projects across campus, and allocated $15.55 million in funds since 2008. 

This article by Alisa King-Klemperer at the Carl R. Woese Institute for Genomic Biology (IGB) features Dr Brinkworth, PhD students Negin Valizadegan, Rachel Rusen and Grace Shaw, undergraduate students Nichole Mischak, Ben Garcia, Kamile Aleksaite, Katy Simmons, Ayaa Tamam, and Sofia Rivera, former undergraduate student Katie Van Etten, former undergrads Kyle Boshardy, Alex Alvarado and Priya Bhatt, and former lab member Heather Hicks.