The field school I attended this summer would be one of the most treasurable memories. This one and half month's experience not only gave me hands-on learning experience in my major archaeology but also offered me a chance to meet lovely people who shared similar interests and passions.

In field moments

Left: We were doing some clearing before we could work in this field. Right: What the field looked like after we were almost done with the clearing.



Left: Dr. Ritchison, Rachel and Miles were doing GPR in the field we cleared before to collect data for research. Miles was removing some vegetations' roots and further clearing the ground ahead so Dr. Ritchison could run the equipment smoothly (the equipment's bottom should adhere to the ground as close as possible). Right: Rachel was setting the shovel tests’ locations with the help of GIS equipment.



Me doing the shovel test (checking the soil color & measuring the depth)











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