Maldonado, far left, is joined by (from left), Q’anjob’al interpreter Cristobal Bartolo Gonzalez, graduate student Michelle Patiño-Flores (back row), Parkland College student Maria Jose Anastacio, interpreter in training Frank Jiménez, anthropology undergraduate student Jocelyn Rubi (back row), and interpreters in training Juana Juan Pedro and Efrain Gaspar, far right. Photo by Fred Zwicky

Assistant Professor of Anthropology and Indian American Studies Korinta Maldonado has been working with scholars, students and communities on the preservation of indigenous languages. Towards that effort, she is leading the Indigenous Languages on the Move Collective in Illinois, to help local Maya with learning to read and write Q’anjob’al, and working with interpreters for the community.

Their aim is to serve the rising number of more than 8,000 Mayan immigrants in Illinois maintain their language, treat it as a community asset and see it thrive. 

The Indigenous Languages on the Move Collective in Illinois and Dr Maldonado was recently featured in this article of Illinois News