Anthropology in a Changing World

Eighteen Illinois undergraduate students from Dr Andrew Orta's ANTH 103 - Anthropology in a Changing World course won the Public Anthropology Awards from the Center for Public Anthropology! To win the awards among more than 1000 entries from undergraduates across the US, our students submitted a short story involving 'how two people of opposing perspectives on the topic of race relations and policing' find common ground and work together. The stories ranged in their settings, people involved, and perspectives of interest, but they all shared a deep interest in human interactions and exchange of political views. Read our students stories here


AJ Hood, Abhishek Saigal, Mykenna Osborn, Emilie Schramer, Aniya Wilson, Brandon Baran, Jeffrey Hudson, Luke McKenna, Elaine Oliver, Michael Chai, Grace
Cochran, Geetha Palchuri, Chloe Sykora, Julian Trujillo, Karina Valdez,
Tali Joelson, Agilan Gunashankar, and Mason Sotomayo!


Congratulations, Dr Orta!