Department Committees

Department Committees


Academic Year 2018-2019

TO: Anthropology Department Faculty

FROM: Brenda Farnell, Head

Below are the department committee assignments and other faculty service appointments for academic year 2018-2019. I thank you in advance for participating in these important departmental responsibilities and in your dedication and commitment to university service.

Director of Graduate Studies:  Laura Shackelford

Director Undergraduate Studies:   Jessica Greenberg


Liebman Program Coordinator: Petra Jelinek


Director of Lab Research: Stan Ambrose


Advisory Committee

Elected by the faculty to advise the Head on matters of substance, policy and procedure and to carry out such additional duties and responsibilities as specified in the By-Laws and University Statutes.

Jenny Davis, Chris Fennell, Lyle Konigsberg, Laura Shackelford (ex officio)

Tenured Faculty Committee

All active faculty members appointed on indefinite tenure. The committee’s responsibilities are normally to advise the Head in matters concerning the evaluation and promotion and/or tenure of persons holding the ranks of Lecturer, Instructor or Assistant Professor.

Brenda Farnell (Chair), Stan Ambrose, Kate Clancy, Jane Desmond, Virginia Dominguez, Christopher Fennell, Jessica Greenberg, Faye Harrison, Lyle Konigsberg, Lisa Lucero, Ripan Malhi, Ellen Moodie, Andrew Orta ,Tim Pauketat, John Polk, Gilberto Rosas, Charles Roseman, Mahir Saul, Laura Shackelford, Helaine Silverman, and Rebecca Stumpf



Professorial Committee

All active faculty members holding the rank of Full Professor and the Department Head as Chair. The committee’s responsibilities are normally to advise the Head in matters concerning the evaluation and promotion of members of the faculty holding the rank of Associate Professor.


Brenda Farnell (Chair), Stanley Ambrose, Jane Desmond, Virginia Dominguez, Christopher Fennell, Faye Harrison, Lyle Konigsberg, Lisa Lucero, Ripan Malhi, Andrew Orta, Tim Pauketat, Mahir Saul, Helaine Silverman, Rebecca Stumpf



Responsible for the selection and recruitment of new graduate students for admission, and for the identification of fellowship candidates from the pool of newly admitted applicants. 


Lyle Konigsberg (Chair), Lisa Lucero, Virginia Dominguez, Laura Shackelford (ex officio)



Responsible for the administration of departmental awards for faculty and students, and for preparing nominations of Anthropology faculty, students and alumni for campus level awards.


Virginia Dominguez (Chair), Ripan Malhi, Chris Fennell, Jeff Martin.


Colloquia and Intellectual Community

Responsible for planning and promoting talks, colloquia, workshops and other departmental events and for coordinating departmental support for events initiated by other campus units. 


Ripan Malhi (Chair), Gilberto Rosas, Helaine Silverman , Ellen Moodie


Courses and Curricula

Responsible for reviewing curricula, making recommendations to the department for changes in curricula and assisting faculty in the course development process.


Christopher Fennell (Chair), Jessica Brinkworth, Andrew Orta, Mahir Saul, Jessica Greenberg, (ex officio)



Responsible for text of the alumni newsletter and for working with the LAS Development office on priorities for fund raising and Distinguished Alumni Awards. Assists in planning of spring banquet.


Jane Desmond, (working with Jeff Martin as “apprentice” to Jane)





Diversity and Departmental Community.

Responsible for developing and promoting department efforts to build a diverse scholarly community and for guiding department efforts to enact and update commitments detailed in the Departmental Action Plan of 2004 (updated in 2011). 


Gilberto Rosas (Chair) Jeff Martin, Jenny Davis, Lyle Konigsberg, Mahir Saul


Faculty Senate Representatives

Elected by the faculty of the department.



Financial Aid

Responsible for making recommendations regarding financial aid for continuing graduate students, and for reviewing and ranking student funding proposals to the Graduate College and other units.


Ellen Moodie (Chair), Becky Stumpf, Helaine Silverman, Krystal Smalls, Laura Shackelford (Ex Officio).


Osteology Collections

Responsible for reviewing the osteological collections and developing strategies for replacement of teaching materials.


John Polk (Chair), Stan Ambrose, Tim Pauketat


Human Remains & Ethics Committee (NAGPRA)

A joint committee with ISAS (Illinois State Archeology Survey) responsible for documentation and repatriation of all unaffiliated Native American and other human remains held by the department or former Lab of Anthropology, and advising the Head with respect to NAGPRA issues (Native American Graves Protection and Repatriation Act).


Jenny Davis (chair), Chris Fennell, Rebecca Stumpf, Helaine Silverman, Laura Shackelford (ex officio), Aimée Carbaugh (grad rep)


Research Program and Summer Funding

Responsible for assigning grants to graduate students from Departmental funds for summer pre-dissertation research 


Faye Harrison (Chair); Jessica Brinkworth, Helaine Silverman, Krystal Smalls, Laura Shackelford (ex officio)