Undergraduate Programs




Anthropology prepares college graduates to enter into a broad range of jobs and professions by providing them with research, writing and analytical skills that will enable them to confront problems, issues and situations that require cultural sensitivity.

College graduates with a degree in anthropology thrive in social services, teaching, law, medicine & health professions, government, NGOs, international relations, business, bioscience, technology, and many more lines of work.

Anthropology is an appropriate major for those preparing for professional study and careers in law, medicine, bioscience and technology, business, or international relations, and for those planning further graduate study in anthropology.

Professional anthropologists work as research scientists and teachers in museums, universities, and archaeological surveys; as staff members in government agencies, social service programs, and business firms in which international understanding of human and social concerns is important; or as independent consultants to such agencies, programs, and firms.