Anthropology Minor

The minor in anthropology may be tailored to each student’s individual needs, thus accommodating students with majors as diverse as pre-medicine, pre-law, geography, art history, computer science, engineering, business, environmental sciences, and social work.

Total Credit Hours

Hours required for the minor:  18 hours

Plan of Study

I. Required Anthropology Courses (6 hrs)

Choose two of the following courses. Student may make one substitution for 1 of the 2 required courses, choosing from the options listed in parentheses to the right of each course.

Hours Courses
3 ANTH 220—Introduction to Archaeology (or ANTH 105)
3 ANTH 230—Sociocultural Anthropology (or ANTH 103)
3 ANTH 240—Biological Anthropology (or ANTH 102)
3 ANTH 270—Linguistic Anthropology (or ANTH 104)


II. Elective Anthropology Courses (12 hrs)

Assemble a cohesive package of courses from the anthropology thematic areas.

Hours Courses
3 ANTH course, any level
3 ANTH course, any level
3 ANTH 3-400Level
3 ANTH 3-400 Level