Computer Science and Anthropology

CircuitsUnderstanding and analyzing the interface between culture and technology has probably never been more important. Besides being part of a top-rated CS program, you will locate computers and science within larger cultural questions of globalization, community, security, the ethics of privacy, social transformation, and social justice.

Here's what CS + ANTH majors had to say about the program:

"Computer Science helps me to understand the mechanics of space, and Anthropology helps me to understand what human do in those spaces."

"I'm excited about the unexpected merging of CS +ANTH. I didn't realize all the possibilities. From realizing past worlds through satellite images to studying, I've been able to use computers to understand how communities form and maintain themselves."

Anthropology Degree Requirements

CS + Anthropology Program 24 hours minimum (12 hours must be at a 3xx or 4xx level) ~ 66 hours total

Students may make only one substitution for 1 of the required courses, choosing from the options listed in parentheses.

Hours Requirements
12-18 Required Foundation Courses (select at least 4 of the following courses)
  ANTH 101-Intro to Anthropology
  ANTH 220-Intro to Archaeology (or ANTH 105)
  ANTH 230-Sociocultural Anthropology (or ANTH 103)
  ANTH 240-Biological Anthropology (or ANTH 102)
  ANTH 270-Language in Culture (or ANTH 104)
  ANTH 374-Anth of Science and Technology (or ANTH 372)
6-9 Electives (Substitutions with permission of advisor)
  ANTH 241-Human Variation and Race
  ANTH 268-Images of the Other
  ANTH 362-Body, Personhood, and Culture
  ANTH 368-'America' in the World
  ANTH 399JD2-Animal Ecologies or ANTH 375-The Culture of Nature
  ANTH 399 JG-Youth and Culture
  ANTH 411 Methods of Cultural Antropology
  ANTH 423-Economic Anthropology
  ANTH 453-Landscape Archaeology
  ANTH 499CR-Evolutionary Theory
3 Senior Capstone Project (Optional)—Combines CS & Anthropology

Computer Science Degree Requirements

See the Department of Computer Science website for their degree requirements.